As an author, I live only to create and to share my stories with the world with hopes of providing people with insights and understandings to broaden their minds as well as themselves. Though each of us are creators, those who command the pen have an unique responsibility of expression. Through my years as a writer, I’ve discovered aspects of myself and the world equally. Sometimes I’d question myself of why my heart commanded my right hand like a frenzied puppeteer. Encountering my emotions, my shadows, and my light; it was maddening and painful, there were moments of jubilee as there were times of suffocating sadness. Even in these times, I was thankful that I was blessed with the gift I carry.

The concept of being published hadn’t registered with me when I started my literary journey. That’s a bit queer isn’t it? Yes, I would agree. What author wouldn’t want to be published? But I am a strange fellow so let me give a hint of exposition. The key reason why I didn’t connect with the idea of being published was simple and clean; I hadn’t a bit of confidence in my work and always wondered if anyone would be interested in reading my crappy tales. Excuse the terse language, please; this was my past self’s thoughts. Especially at college, I was often shy about reading my stories aloud in class. At Columbia we used the Workshop Method which required a reading and critiques by my fellow students shortly after. Comparing my work to others was a bit of bad habit of mine back then. The stories I wrote were all too strange; ones focusing on death, reincarnation, and the like. The subjects weren’t what were quirky, but it was the manner of telling them. I’ll expand upon this in a future entry but my style, as told by my classmates, clients, and readers alike, was “Eastern”, “very Japanese”, and “weirdly fantastical”. Since I was surrounded by writers who focused on realistic fiction based on everyday situations set in American cities like our own Chicago, my work juxtaposed to theirs just seemed silly. Another reason was I was writing for myself at the time. I was searching for who I was within the ink that stained my pages. I still am, of course. But even in this period, my work resonated with others in ways I couldn’t interpret.

Now, let’s get into the meat of this, shall we. I, like my colleagues, have experienced both sides of publication; its hunt and its capture. My road has been different than others my age. Though I haven’t any work published under my name, I do have stories published during my time as a ghostwriter. The decision of taken the role of a ghostwriter wasn’t what I originally sought. You could say I fell into it. I loved to assist others in crafting their ideas and as well as their voices. I started ghostwriting a few years back and I can say it impacted me in a positive way. Preforming jobs were fun. And with assisting my clients, merging their voices with mine, I was able to uncover and obtain a greater sense of my voice.

During my time ghostwriting, I started a story of my own that would evolve into the novel I recently completed. It took four years and several iterations(five short stories, four novel rewrites.), the story would grow as myself as a person would grow. Not so long after I was satisfied with A Space Between Worlds: Conception, I obtained an agent who was equally intrigued and excited about the story, however the publishers he submitted it to wasn’t as ecstatic. And not so long after being represented, I and my agent at Trident Media Group went our separate ways. Though that entire situation hurt and pretty much sucked the life out of me, I recovered after I was consoled by my supporters, fellow local authors, my old instructors, and author Kelly Links. I never experienced the other side of publishing personally. After my contract was fulfilled with my clients in terms of ghostwriting, I was done with the project and wasn’t there in terms of the publication journey. It was all foreign to me.  In hindsight I was blessed to experience a situation like this so early in my career. It was nothing against my work, but it was the risk involved with my work. I’m sure you can infer that a debut author would have a difficult time breaking into the industry due to many factors. I just needed to find a publisher who would take that risk and well, I’m positive I have.

I’ll expound on certain points I brought up throughout this entry at a later date. I’ll also be posting a talk focusing on the novel series A Space Between Worlds. I’m certain you all are curious of what it is about, as well as the themes tethered to it. I hope you all enjoyed this! My fellow authors, I’m interested on you personal stories as well. Feel free to comment! As for my dear readers, share your thoughts as well! Until next time, ja ne minna!

Author and Novelist; an eternal seeker of self.

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