Good morning everyone! I apologize for being away last week; a lot of things happened. Good and unexpected things. To set the exposition, this all centers around my novel, A Space Between Worlds Vol.1  : Conception. In my last entry, I told you all bits and pieces of what has transpired with my manuscript; being represented by an agent who then quickly dropped me after the Big 5 rejected it which prompted me to start my own search for its rightful home. Well, my search took me to a number of small, mid-sized, and independent presses. After a month of submissions to all of those I had access to, I had four out of the six prospects reach out for full review. But there was one who replied with haste after a simple 10 page sample. At first, that was a bit jarring, getting a reply in two days rather the 3-4 week period they guaranteed to answer back. Deep down, I had a good feeling about them, however I was still doubting my work and even my choice in career. Maybe I wasn’t supposed to go down the path of an author, I thought while I held Murakami’s Kafka On The Shore paperback in my hands.

On the 15th of April, early afternoon, I received a message I was longing to see by a publisher who shared the passion, understanding, and who is willing to take a risk with my work. I’m happy to announce that Royal James Publishing has accepted my manuscript for publication. Though I am happy to become a published author, I’m joyous to be able to share my story with others. I was able to keep my promise to her as well.

Thank you everyone. This the prelude to my future. I suppose all of that ghostwriting paid off. To keep posted on my publishing journey up until release, be sure to subscribe. I’ll be posting new topics, talks, interviews, and more weekly. Ja ne minna! Until next time.

Author and Novelist; an eternal seeker of self.

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