I never thought a day like yesterday would happen this soon in my path as an author. In case you all have missed it, Royal James Publishing announced my signing. The enthusiasm and interest people held was overwhelmingly positive and I’m honestly surprised that was the case. Don’t get me wrong, I’m joyous that it was, however one of my little hang ups kept me from enjoying it entirely. I still feel as if I’m not good enough to get all of this attention. Locally, in my home city of Chicago, those who have been following me on my journey are taking great pride in me. Calling me a role model, an inspiration to follow their dreams; I’m not worthy of that yet or will I ever be. I’m simply a young man who is on an unending path of discovery and understanding. Composing stories is the only way I know how to.

Many of my colleagues have asked me why I decided to sign with a mid-sized press rather than questing for one of the Big 5. Well, in one of my earlier posts, I did mention that I had the opportunity to  after being represented by an agency. I quickly learned that it wasn’t what I wanted. Those larger publishers aren’t so much for the art of writing; rather, they cared about only lining their pockets. That’s not surprising at all, however this is the current state of the art world in general. I wasn’t going to sacrifice my vision, dilute my voice, and mute my expression for fiscal means. I’m not doing this to be some hero of justice, by no means, but I’m doing this to stick true to the identity I have obtained. The purpose of an artist in any degree is to express and connect. Money is all well and good; I’d be in denial if I said it was worthless, however it won’t replace the nature of human expression. Until that changes, I don’t see myself working with a larger publisher in the near or distant future.

Royal James Publishing is going to be a home for creative expression, that is why I have so much faith in them with my work. Having an author/publisher relationship like the one I have currently with RJ, is one many would love to have. Having passion and love for what I’ve created and knowing the impact it will make on the lives of readers, I’m satisfied with my decision and I have gratitude to Nichole and the rest of the staff. In their hands, I trust my work in them.

Author and Novelist; an eternal seeker of self.

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