The number one question readers and people alike will ask an author:

“What do you write about?”

Most authors may give an answer that is pleasant to chew, smooth to shallow, and easy to digest in order to not expose themselves as the irregular entities that we are by simply saying, “I write about anything and everything!”. Now that isn’t a bad answer and it is actually the truth; there’s no way that we could write such story that covers all that is part of this world, also it doesn’t hold much weight or give a clear understanding of what the insights they came across or what their voices are trying to convey. So to remedy this exchange with you all, I will tell you flat out; I write about humanity, consciousness, transformation, spirituality, psychology, and finally philosophy.

All of those subjects taken my interest at a young age and very will shaped the message behind my stories. Though, these subjects aren’t the most promoted or easy to understand, distilling them to their core and sharing my ideas are my means to connect to the world. Collecting these thoughts after many years of research and implementing them into the narratives I weave, hasn’t been the easiest of times, but the result is quite sweet. I would like to write for everyone, I would love for everyone to read and understand my work, but that is far from possible. And that is why I write for a niche audience.

The overall plot of my stories are quite simple to follow; following the basic narrative structure, there is a Point A and Point B. So for those who just want to read the story as a story, they indeed can, however the narrative and characters are far from flat. Being multi-layered, there is much to discover underneath the surface in terms of thematic qualities, motifs, lore, and references. This allows the reader a choice of how they can consume the material.

In the next entry, I’ll go over the influences and inspirations for my writing style.


Author and Novelist; an eternal seeker of self.

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