A Space Between Worlds Vol.1: Conception is novel that is heavily thematic  and those themes include: regret, understanding, identity, denial, self-exploration, life, death, and promise. Though all of these themes are significant to the overall plot, one of them is of the utmost importance personally.

Promise, this word is one most dense in any language , however it is also one that is taken lightly.  When it is used loosely, promise is obscured and transforms into nothing beyond a listless lie. The concept of keeping your word is simplex in nature, however its impact is double-edged. For me, the promise I made, I didn’t want it to be empty nor did I want it to cause needless pain. The origin of this promise rests in the  past and it has stayed with me in the present and will extend into the future.

Years ago when I was just starting my writer’s journey, there was someone who supported me and implored me to keep going; her name was J.M. J.M was  infectious, affectionate, and held a tepid spirit. I wasn’t confident in my work at all, but she would ask me to share it with her whenever I had something new. Watching her chocolate feline eyes perk while reading my work was a pleasurable experience. She perpetually maintained her dainty smile while telling me how she felt about my compositions and that made me happy. I knew deep down I wasn’t where I wanted to be as a writer, but with her support I knew I’d get there. During the infant stage of A Space Between Worlds Vol. 1,  when it was known as Static Rain, I wasn’t in frequent contact with my dear friend. Seeing that we were both on our paths towards our dreams, I understood that our interactions wouldn’t be constant. I knew the lifestyle of a model was spontaneous as well as busy.

Shortly after the first draft was complete, I received a message from J.M. in the twilight hours of a calming summer evening. We caught up briefly and the first question she posed was if I was still writing. I declared that I was, but I relented to share the nugget of information that I was looking to give up the craft entirely. J.M. requested to see what I have been working on and of course, I obliged like I’ve always done with her. A few moments had past and J.M. responded with praise on how much I had improved from back then. At this moment, she assured me that she knew I’d be published one day soon. Since time had past since we last saw each other, J.M. extended an invitation for me to see her; I accepted, however our meeting didn’t happen.

Months passed since the last interaction between J.M. and I. Seeing her photos on social media gave me ease of knowing she was doing well, but soon after, I discovered dreaded news. One night, I decided to scrap Static Rain and start it anew, this was the same night of when I obtained the news of J.M.’s suicide. I thought it was an absolute joke of bad taste, however as I frantically contacted everyone who was connected to her, I found out it wasn’t a joke but it was truth. I could no longer bring myself to write for weeks because every word that attempted to seep from my pen was stagnated by the pain of her loss.

The day of her funeral came. There were so many faces that I hadn’t seen in years; we were all there, united and shedding tears for our dear J.M. During the service, there was an opportunity for all of us to share our memories with her and when it came to me, the source was the pursuit of our dreams and the support we gave each other. I told the story of our last interaction and this was the trigger for the promise I would make; I would follow my path as a writer, become an author, and share my stories with the world.

J.M., the promise I made you has been fulfilled , however this promise is perpetual. A Space Between Worlds Vol.1 was partly conceived by the physical loss of J.M. and the promise I made to her. But as my novel discusses life and death, it doesn’t forsake the concept of what lay in-between and what is after; the cycle of life, death, and rebirth is hinged on understanding and release.

Author and Novelist; an eternal seeker of self.

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