Do you see with your own eyes or are you superimposed, living viciously through the sight of someone else? We are like ghosts who phase into numerous shells in hopes of existing, however our identities are perpetually shaved until only a sliver remains; what was lost now haunts us. Planted deeply in the soil dampened by tears, many forget who they are and who they are to become.

Human bodies are not unique; they are nothing more than a compilation of atoms, bone, sinew, blood and flesh. In the wake of declaring this, there are things unique to us and only use; our faces and our minds. With connections established by objects, ideas, emotions, and experience, they lead the conception of identity. The opinions that are formulated from likes and dislikes contain the fabric of a unique outlook. These outlooks molded by identity conjoin to form our reality; a singular world crafted by thoughts and actions that exists within the collective world.

Who we are and the world created by what we own is often influenced, positively and negatively. Those who gather the thoughts of others and connects them to their own will see an expansion of their world; a world of constant creation and destruction, identity will always be influx, however there are those who are stagnant in this cycle of rebirth. When looked down upon for how they see the world around them, an identity will recluse. Instead of exploring and gathering items along their way, to save themselves from being damaged, they would blend themselves into popular beliefs that may not be right from them; a haven of stagnation.

Be who you are and allow yourself to grow. Uniqueness doesn’t come from bodies, however it comes from the mind and the heart that only you wield. The interstice of identity lies in reality. To create the reality you yearn for, you must retain your identity and expand the world that rests inside you.



Author and Novelist; an eternal seeker of self.

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