Truth be told, I am an expressive introvert! Isn’t that an oxymoron? A paradox?! Oh yes, quite indeed it is! I don’t see this a problem or anything of the sort, but it can make some situations uncomfortable for me. Even when those who know me well say I’m charismatic and outgoing, to them I say(Please don’t take this the wrong way my precious ones!), you lie! Liars, all of you. Maybe I shouldn’t go that extreme. I can’t see what they mean at all, but I suppose they do.  Perspective is the culprit and would like to see myself through the eyes of another at times. Wait? Why am I rambling? This post isn’t focused on the ramblings of an expressive clam!

Interviews come with the territory being an author, I suppose. As much as I liked the idea, I never thought anyone would hold an interest in me or what I had to say, but I was wrong. Last week, I had my first ever interview about my novel, A Space Between Worlds Vol.1: Conception with blogger David Snape. I connected him on the behalf of my publisher, but I did it on a whim. I thought he wouldn’t want to hold an interview with this unknown author. Well, did he prove me wrong. The interview was set up in a few days and there I was riddled in disbelief. I thought it was going to be one of those written Q&A’s. “Yeah”, I thought, “this would be easy!”. If only I was so lucky. The interview took place on his radio program. A talk show. Oh boy, a talk show. I listen more than I talk so I was nervous about talking, especially when I was talking about myself.(Which I hate doing. I mean, my closest friends still see me as a mystery! My mouth is shut 95% of the time.)

Questions of my history as a writer, questions of my background in poetry, a personal question, my feelings on signing with my current publisher, and an inquiry on my novel. Should have been easy, right? No no no, it was not. Even after my nervousness consumed my very soul, David and my publisher said I did a great job. An interesting listen to boot! I still need to get used to talking and I felt like I could’ve done better.Little by little, inch by inch, I suppose! Writing is the best way I can express myself, that’s the reason why I do it(Along with speculating and examining, connection too.) but I need to understand people actually want to hear what I say as well. Time will tell. Hopefully I’ll improve. I haven’t a choice now do I?

There are already many reviewers on board to, well, review my novel. Shocking! It hasn’t even came out yet and there is some mild buzz surrounding it. Can the Fall come already? I’m dying to learn how the readers feel about it!

If you all are interested in hearing my interview with David Snape, go ahead and click here! My publisher and I are open for more interviews and reviews! If you are a reviewer or an interviewer, click here!

Ja ne minna!


Author and Novelist; an eternal seeker of self.

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