A wonderful Sunday, this is! Here in my part of the world, we’ve been blessed to see the magnificent golden sun. The weather in Illinois has been fickle this spring; an overcast of weeping stone clouds one day, shy shafts of wavering sunlight the next. But today, it’s an idyllic spring day. I was saluted with the chipper songs of birds, gentle and serene gales, and the sweet scent of blossoming tree flowers. Studying each of my senses, letting these sensations soak in my very cells, it takes me back to the start of my journey of pursuing my goal of becoming an author. Why is that, you ask? Many reasons, however, the smell of flowers rekindles memories for me and flowers overall are of great importance to my novel series, A Space Between Worlds.

Like all things in this world, everything holds a meaning and as well as their own language. Florigraphy is the language of flowers; their color, the formation of their petals, the climate they are born in, the area where they are found, what they are surrounded by, and the occasions when they are given, this language is one of the earth, universal and has as much depth as a language spoken by the tongue. When words can’t be formed, flowers can be the extension of your tongue. Arrange certain flowers together and a detailed message can be created, much like a sentence. There’s an importance to everything in this beautiful world of ours, but the art of flowers interested me greatly since I was younger. I suppose spending time with my Mother planting, tending, and talking to the flowers in our garden was the prime cause. One of the characters main protagonist in A Space Between Worlds has found an interest in flowers as well and florigraphy is tied to his character and one of the main themes of the story; Promise.

The flower that is a motif of the novel is the lavender flower; the flower of silence and promise. What could it possibly mean for the narrative? Oh, I wish I could share, but alas, I cannot. You’ll have to read it to find out.

Though the novel’s release date has not been announced by my publisher, Royal James Publishing, I am conducting a contest of sorts over at my fan page. Instead of leaving you all hanging without details of the novel, I decided drop hints about it to drum up discussions about it’s themes, concepts, motifs, and much more. If a speculative novel doesn’t have you speculate, then what’s the point of it? This contest will run from the when the release date is revealed up until launch day. The details are posted here!

Ja ne minna! I hope each of you have a fantastic day!


Author and Novelist; an eternal seeker of self.

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