Last weekend I had the pleasure to take place in  a celebration of life; my younger brother, not by blood but by bond of infinite depth, and my student turned twenty-one years-old. My strong ties to him and his family started three years ago when I started my career as a ghostwriter after my time at university. In this time, I wrote for this young man’s Father who is a prevalent innovator in several fields of industry; our partnership was and still is natural, learning so much from him rekindled my confidence in my craft which ultimately lead me to where I am today. Outside from writing for his Father, my younger brother had an interest in writing himself and requested for me to teach him. Mind you, I felt as if I was still a mere puppy in my craft(Still very much am.), however I couldn’t decline his request. As soon as our lessons started, I saw his ability and it greatly reminded me of myself. I knew right away that he’d surpass me in terms of ability and understanding in due time; quite proud of him I was.

Serving as exposition for the meat of this particular entry, at this extravagant party where professionals from all industries, budding professionals, and kindred spirits gathered to celebrate this young man’s life, I was introduced to many who were striving to be in the position I am currently. Coming for advice, trusting my words, it was all odd to me. It’s been the norm ever since I signed with my current publisher, however it still is odd to me. I suppose seeing someone young obtain a dream of his puts faith in for another to keep on the path of their desires. Surprisingly, I ran into a professor who teaches at my old university. I’ve never met the man personally but I’ve heard of him before and how students adore him. It was an honor to speak to him, not as a student but as an equal.

My desire to teach has coexisted with my obsession for storytelling. I’ve always enjoyed to show others new things, get them thinking, you know? I was going to return to school to obtain my MA so I would be able to teach, however I don’t have to wait until I get it. In terms of teachers in creative fields, it seems that all you need is pure experience. Speaking with this professor, he told me that I should elect to interview with my old department since I already have plenty of experience because of my ghostwriting career and my current personal literary career. I’d love to do that, teaching, but I feel I’m not where I want to be yet in my career. I’m not afraid per say, I just know the level of teaching that has been set at Columbia; especially in the Creative Writing Department. Many of my professors were like sages of old with an ocean of knowledge for us students to wade in or for some to even drown in. Most of them are award winners and well-known overall. I’m not close to any of those things yet – to my knowledge, at least; I wouldn’t want to lead anyone down a path that I myself have not even fully trekked; but would I ever be ready?

After I have a few more works under my belt and if I ever am nominated or even receive an award somehow, I would consider formally teaching at Columbia. For now, I have too much to learn myself to be able to fully teach those who are budding. Currently, I do teach privately to those I feel who are serious about learning the ins and out of storytelling, but on a large scale…? This is one of my goals, a dream of mine.

Author and Novelist; an eternal seeker of self.

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