Technical prowess and the clear understanding of writing isn’t what makes a storyteller unique; even though those aspects are essential in terms of building the foundation, it will mean nothing if the writer doesn’t discover who they are. Many aspiring writers throw themselves at the wayside in order to emulate what they have read by those they adore. Reading and writing unsurprisingly coexist; in order to learn how to tell a story, we look to those who have told them and it is no surprise that who a writer studies is going to be an influence. As my mentor once told me: as we read, we are digging for gold within each sentence, hoping to stash whatever nuggets we come across into our pockets; adding them to what we already own.

Myself and every other writer has experienced the absence of our true voice whilst composing. A fragment of voice is apparent while you are writing simply because you are composing a story from you heart, even if the idea for it came from somewhere else. As much as I would like to say it your voice will be clear initially – it won’t be until it vibrates internally and seeps from your pores. My advice to anyone who is strives to be a storyteller, a writer, or anything of the sort is this: don’t be afraid of what you discover about yourself, don’t be frightened of who you are and what you are not. Keep writing, keep ‘failing’; learn from what doesn’t work for you and what is contrary to what you want to convey.

Even though we all have different reasons for why we decide to nestle a pen between our fingers, to understand why you are doing so will heighten your voice and sharpen it. Before you can write for anyone else in mind, you must write for yourself Рtell the stories you want to tell. My reasons are composed of introspection, questioning, and understanding; yours could be the same or wholly different, but the importance of discovering these aspects will inevitably  lead you who you are as a person and as a writer.

As an introduction of my Techniques of Writing series, I plan to give help and guidance for the basics of writing and the pursuit of improvement. I hope each of you will benefit from this in any capacity. Next week, I’ll go over the structure of a story and some aspects of storytelling.

Ja ne minna!




Author and Novelist; an eternal seeker of self.

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