Gnash your teeth, flash your fangs, and snarl like a frightful beast seeking to protect what it owns.

Most of the time, what we are trying to protect ourselves from isn’t by a malevolent force, rather it comes in the form of the unknown.  The unknown triggers a natural reaction simply called fear. When the unknown proceeds and impending contact ensues, the limit of our bestial visage is met. We are without the claws of a black bear so we pat the forest’s floor and our hands brush over a fallen branch riddled in thorns; without thinking, we seize the branch and brandish it at the unknown. No longer apart of the tree or the forest, it transforms into a weapon, our stick.

The unknown remains steadfast and unflinchingly continues to pursue. Why is that? A weapon isn’t only meant to harm, however it is mainly to be used as deterrent. We all live underneath the same sky, however each of us reside within our own worlds. The unknown understands this and inches closer. Our brandishing frantically increases, cold rivers of sweat stream from our pores while our skin adopts the moon’s pale hue. It won’t stay away – we swing harder. The grip of bravado is lost and the stick escapes us, falling to the soil, the weapon loses its rage and becomes a branch once again.

Why keep yourself away from the unknown?

Fear is born from the lack of understanding.

Author and Novelist; an eternal seeker of self.

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