The day I came across the art of Rekha Morokar, I longed for the opportunity to work with her. Whether its watercolor, acrylic, pencil, or digital, Rekha has the ability to give what was once a blank canvas a thriving consciousness of its own.

An independent artist based in London, Rekha spreads the messages of peace, empowerment, individuality, and love through her whimsical pieces; she has a strong and dedicated following across the globe and is quite respected due to her skill, warmth, loving personality. Before she became a close friend of mine, I marveled at her technique and mystic works; the manner in which she constructed  her pieces left me speechless. While I was working on my first novel, her work sparked me with inspiration and actually had an influence on a particular character. In this time, I had the dream of one day working with her, whether it would be something separate from my stories or inside of them.


Today, I’m simply elated to announce that  Rekha will be providing art for the next novel in my series, A Space Between Worlds Vol.2: Recollection. As a tale centered around consciousness, identity, and the worlds resting inside souls, with my words and Rekha’s art, an experience unlike any other will have an added dimension. I look to change the manner of traditional storytelling, to build something unique and unforgettable; stories are messages and I hope that whatever message the reader comes across will stick with them and edify them.



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A Space Between Worlds Vol.1: Conception published by Royal James Publishing will be released on October 17th 2016.

I implore you to check out Rekha’s art here and be sure to follow her on her Facebook page. Aside from posting her latest works, she also provides tutorials and live paintings. You can also follow her on Instagram and Twitter:

Instagram: @rekharations

Twitter: @rekharations

If you are interested in working with her as well, Rekha does offer commission art. With any inquires, please send her an email. Her address will be listed below.


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