An insightful review that I didn’t expect. The first line alone left me staggered. I’m glad to see the novel was enjoyed.

Murmers of a Wandering Soul


A Space Between Worlds promises to be for the new generation what Atlas Shrugged was to an older generation. Not the story line as such, but the stretching, pulling and expanding of the readers knowingness, pushing the reader to the limit of former comfortable believing and being. Brilliant use of words, layering so many images, feelings, non-feelings and expectancy intricately crafted into each word flowing into intricately crafted sentences creating a world both familiar and new. What is real, made-up, previously experienced, waiting in the side-line, imagined or dreamed? Which is your world?

“How ignorant can you be? No matter the light, we all hide. We hide ourselves from the people we love, from strangers, from ourselves. How do you expect to show yourself to the world when you cannot show yourself to yourself? A mirror cannot lie. You sat in front of the mirror and denied the reflection you…

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