“I recommend it not just for fans of the genre, but also for writers who are just starting out – Woodson’s experimental use of plot and language can give you plenty of ideas.”
To hear his complete thoughts on A Space Between Worlds Vol.1: Conception and to read two excerpts from the novel, check out this post. Falconer is an author himself and I recommend his work for you to read. While he has several short stories on his site, you can look forward to a story he is going to have published quite soon.

Pilgrim of Eormen

Gathering a bundle of lilies and jasmine, Reno plucked their petals and piled them in his palm. He slunk toward the edge of the bed and waded his legs in the pool. No matter how much water poured into it, the pool didn’t overflow. The water itself didn’t bear any sensation to his body. It was neither warm or cold. Reno dumped the petals into the pool. Floating on top of the surface, they swirled as Reno lowered himself into the pool. He took several breaths before totally submerging himself in the glistening teal pool. The coil of thorns loosened its grip and relaxed itself as it slid down his forearm. The thorns expelled their reserves of blood into the water, streaks of diluted crimson entwined and compacted into ruby colored seeds. The waning light of the setting sun poured into the pool and clashed against the seeds. Reno reached…

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