A Character Interview featuring one of my favorites, Chandra and another review by the lovely folks over on Chasing Dreams Publishing.

Chasing Dreams Publishing


I am once again thrilled to be taking part in a blog tour hosted by Royal James Publishing. Unfortunately my internet connection was not as enthusiastic at the idea so I’m running a few hours behind schedule with the posting. My apologies!

Let’s not delay any further. I chose a character interview for this novel, because the characters are unusual, to say the least. I truly struggled with choosing my questions for Chandra, not least because of spoilers (and also, even though I’m a writer myself, it felt quite odd to be directing questions towards a fictional character.) Luckily, J.D. Woodson stayed in character, and Chandra’s responses are on point.

You can read the interview below:

character-interview The love Chandra has for Shanti is familial, and throughout the book it’s mentioned that they share a mother/daughter relationship, yet their ages are never quite given – they both seem to be young women…

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