Congratulations, you’re a published author J.D. Never thought you’d see this happening so soon, right? Now it’s time to lay back and watch the sales roll in.

As if! There’s a grand misconception that many debut authors and readers adopt when it comes to the release of a new book. Getting published is one thing; special indeed, however, the longevity of sales, marketing, and promotion doesn’t solely fall on the shoulders of a publisher and their team. Whether you’re published by one of the Big 5, a small publisher, or if you’re self-published, the success of your work is determined by  how hard you’re willing to promote it yourself. There is a steep learning curve that an author will have to climb(Hell, dare I say a daunting mountain instead?) in order to find the right sources to tap into. It’s all about connecting to readers. Over promotion is something a lot of new authors fall into, as well as under promotion. I’m leaning on the latter. I’m rather meek and soft spoken; I’m not use to broadcasting what I’m doing or what I’ve done.

As much as I look to the literary world as one of prestige art, I also understand that it’s in fact an industry. You can’t keep quiet and hope for the best, you need to vocal and carry pride in yourself and what you’ve created. It’s going to be daunting, indeed. But would you have it any other way?

Hopefully in the future I can give some advice and further insight on this subject for aspiring writers and the like. I’m new at this too so I’m not exactly a sage just yet. All I can say is that you need to be determined. Writing a wonderful story to share with others is a wondrous privilege but people will have to know about it to share the experience with you.

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