There’s a complex I own that comes to myself: the words I spend aren’t owned for me but they are given to illuminate others. Speaking upon my dreams and goals are difficult and equally as strenuous to share– it’s not based within doubts or lack of confidence, no, I find what I seek to be shown through my strides; to keep them internal would extend the transient into the eternal. Odd, no? I’ve saw the dawn of my ambitions in the ceasing cycle known as 2016. But there is a substantial amount I must accomplish and see through until my time in this body is up.

What’s next? Ah, I’m not certain. Plans are vague and intangible, they are unlike a map; I have an idea of where I’m heading, the path is devised,  but what of the unseen that will manifest along the way? The one thing that is for certain, A Space Between Worlds is continuing. No surprise there, I hope. Other artistic endeavors  have presented themselves– ones I can’t speak much on at the moment; though they include film, animation, and manga projects, one of those is tied to my personal series. One last thing to note, as a lot of my readers questioned if I’d return to, the answer is: yes, I’ll be compiling a volume a poetry as well.

Before I move onto other strides, I’d like to include that A Space Between Worlds Vol.1: Conception is going to be entered in various awards coming next year. My publisher and I missed the boat for the ones we saw suitable due to how late in the year it was released, we’re going to make up for it. For those who have read it: critics, beloved readers, and my publisher believe the novel is something special. I have confidence in it too, I should anyway.

I’ll be serving the Chicago Writers Association in a grander capacity which will lead me to one of my strongest desires to serve the literary community in Chicago. While I mention this, I’m a potential choice to hold a panel at the second annual ChiTeen Lit Fest in April. A panel that will focus on the universal therapy writing and storytelling creates for the author and reader both. This would be an absolute honor to do such a thing. I’ll also be participating at the Printers Row Lit Fest and Chicago Book Expo. I’m going to be promoting my work further at conventions across the US. These are to be determined on my end, but I’ll be out and about in 2017.

As my word is my soul, I do promise to be more frequent with my blogs and garner a deeper intimacy with you all. I’m still learning how to be more open with my thoughts, there is a value of them I have yet not seen.

Some of you have seen the first sunrise of the new year, be sure to bask in it and appreciate its tepid embrace. There are those who left this world behind so that you could rise. In my own sector of the world, the moon is my mirror. I’ll be examining its frozen reflection until the new light greets me.

Ganbatte mina!


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