Writing, writing, writing. A conference?! Some more writing. A contest? A film?! What in the world is going on?!

Greetings everyone! I’ve been silent for the last month–no surprise there, right? But it’s for a good reason, please understand. I haven’t had much spare time on my hands since my pen refuses to remove itself from paper. There’s no secret that I’m currently writing my second novel in the A Space Between Worlds series but a lot more projects and appearances, of all things, have presented themselves to me that have left me productive to the maximum.

In late December of last year, I submitted a proposal for a program/workshop focused on self-therapy through writing and storytelling for one of the largest literary festival in Chicago, the ChiTeen Lit Fest. I went on a whim doing it, being an emerging writer and all. But to my surprise, the Chicago Library, the Board, and Teen Board loved my program idea and selected me as a panelist a few weeks ago. The details and press release will be published some time this month and when they are, I’ll be sure to post it and officially add it to my events. Writing the lesson plan as we speak. I’m overly excited to participate in this. It’ll take place April of this year. The dates aren’t set yet.

I wanted to try my hand at fiction contests and see how far my novel could go. A Space Between Worlds Vol.1: Conception had positive reception but for some reason or another, I wasn’t confident in what was said or even how I felt. I’m naturally hard on myself, the need to improve and break limits are engrained in me. To see how strong my writing has become, I decided to enter the Ippy Awards in the Visionary Fiction category. There are few more contests I’m waiting to open but this would be the first. I want to make my publisher, my readers, friends and family, and myself proud. Wish me luck, everyone!

The last bit of this update was something unexpected. Looks like I’ll be scripting a large-scale independent film. I was contacted by one of my mentors and clients on last week about it. I did a lot of ghostwriting before I had my own original work published over the years. I’ll be going over the concept and contract on Wednesday. I’ll keep the details hushed until the production starts. Pretty cool? Nervous, of course.

And this concludes J.D.’s update! We’ll talk later, everyone!



Author and Novelist; an eternal seeker of self.

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