Fiction, in any medium, evokes a multitude of sensations that are carried in the hearts of the creators and readers alike. Whether a story is used as a means of escape, contemplation, or pure fun, they allow us to unwind and feel.

For myself, writing is my main means of expression. Before I ever had the title of an author, my reason for writing was purely focused on exploring how I felt; I wasn’t much of a speaker–I’m still not– so I my thoughts hostage and only release them when I had a pen in my hand and paper to scribble them on. Whenever I did this, I had a release and often epiphanies about who I was. When I wasn’t writing my own thoughts, I was absorbing others through various forms of fiction. I was soothed, saddened, sympathetic, angered, aroused, and joyful. Each story I read or wrote brought me clarity.

Storytelling is it’s own special variation of medicine. On April 22nd, I was going to be presenting on a panel on the subject of Self-Care Through Fiction at the second annual ChiTeen Lit Fest, a city wide literary festival with focus on the storytellers of the future in Chicago, IL. Whether you are the creator or reader, fiction is a form of therapy; whether they are the views of the world, an adventure, or quiet introspection. Speaking to young ones on this subject is needed and also a great responsibility. The message is universal but with the current climate of our world, healthy expression is needed even more.

After the event, I’ll place my lesson’s notes and discussion on this blog. A conversation, I’ll be happy to have and share with all of you.

Ganbatte kudasai


Author and Novelist; an eternal seeker of self.

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