It’s been a long while, hasn’t it, everyone? Though I’ve been away, I hadn’t forgotten about any of you. The events of these last few months have been unexpected; welcomed and unwelcomed but aspects of life often are. I cannot go into detail of what has been consuming my time but I can say I was brought onto a certain production company to write and facilitate a motion picture. And due to this, I needed to halt the composition of the second entry in my novel series, A Space Between Worlds–among other reasons I’ll share at a later date. This isn’t my first encounter with storytelling in a different medium so I adapted well with structure of screenwriting; being less involved than literature, action to dialogue is simpler while still needing to be precise yet less descriptive, holding a special strain of openness and interpretation for actors in mind.

I would enjoy the process leagues beyond if I didn’t carry the role of producer. I’ve honestly be longing to write literature but this break is something I needed either way. I should also be used to facilitating projects which aren’t my own because of my career as a ghostwriter, less imaginative works especially, but recently, I’ve haven’t enjoyed my positions since the project isn’t my creation–I was entrusted with it. However, the barriers set have allowed me to grow as a storyteller, I do still plan to leave my mark on it as well. More news-once my NDA loosens up and the announcement from the larger studio we’re working with officially comes-will be shared in the next couple of months.

Shortly after the release of A Space Between Worlds Vol.1 last October, I started to pen the second volume(Outlining came way before, of course.). The expected release date was Fall of this year but the quality would’ve been subpar due to how soon it was expected and, admittedly, my mental fatigue with the series. Despite this, Acts IV-V were complete before I was hired for the film project mentioned above; polished and ready to read. Instead of leaving it unseen, I wanted to announce the A Space Between Worlds Vol.2 Beta Read! There are some readers who already have the beta manuscript containing Acts IV-V but I’d like to issue a handful more. A lottery for “keys” will transpire at the end of this month through mid August. Stipulations and other details, such as the number of keys available, will be posted within the next week. Rather exciting, no?

Thank you for your support. I cannot promise frequent updates to the blog but I welcome interactions between us, brief or extensive. There are backlogged articles I’ll be releasing focusing on the basics of narratives and a few other subjects to assist in the refinement of your skills in writing and storytelling.

Until then, wunderkind!


Author and Novelist; an eternal seeker of self.

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