Hello everyone,

My pathological greeting including my apologies for being away is well suited for this update, however, it would put a damper on the news I’d like to share.

Though I am to continue the False World Chronicles series, most notably, a follow up to A Space Between Worlds, due to my divorce with my old publisher because of various reasons, you won’t be seeing Volume 2 early next year. While I was drafting the manuscript, I felt the story was rushed and lacked noticeable improvement over the first story; the deadline I received was short and didn’t allow for natural growth.

As a storyteller, I’m confident in my techniques and style, however, the way A Space Between Worlds Vol.2 was shaping out, it didn’t reflect my respect for Shanti and Reno’s next story. There’s nothing to worry about, though. Please understand and be patient with me. I honestly needed a breather from these characters for a moment. You’ll see them again soon.

I did mention a few months ago I was hired by a production company to write and produce a film; this project is finally wrapping up. But this is not the news I wanted to share. During this time, working on both Volume 2 and the current duty I held, a new concept for a story came to mind. I’m unsure whether or not this will become a novel or short story at this junction–it’s exciting nonetheless as a departure from A Space Between Worlds.

Insomnia and its effects on one who is suffering from the disorder has intrigued me for quite sometime. As a person who has experienced it intimately, going days without shutting down, the world I perceived and its sensations were vastly different from the refreshed one given upon awakening; a cycle of haziness, withdrawal, lethargic physical and mental movements is suddenly broken by vigor and clarity. While others are asleep, though you yearn for the same, awake through peak of light and its diffusion into dark, multiple days become a single one. You noticed yourself more, your tendencies and others.

What happens when the world is altered within this state of clarity?

World Tiredness.

Soot, Ash, Moths.

What will Kuon see?

I’m eager to continue the development of this concept and story. And all of you will be included in this new journey.

Ja ne,



Author and Novelist; an eternal seeker of self.

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