Tales of fall, redemption, realization, and growth; a journey into an underworld.

Katabasis, a Greek word, refers to a descent. Many early epics and poems depicted a character who has lost their way or to retrieve an item or person dear to them searching downward from a world where only the dead resided.

During their journeys, they would encounter fragments of who they used to be; what caused them torment. Dank caverns slick with dew, lights in the distance draw clues of what they wish to discard or retrieve.

Separation of worlds, their perceptions shift as they battle their reflections. What was once denied, what was lost, discarded, the underworld holds the way toward the future while shaking the past.

Katabasis tales are sorrowful, but within the sorrow, at the end lay triumph.

The current project I’m penning can be classified as such. Reverence in the dark, flecks of light exposing sobering truth.

Author and Novelist; an eternal seeker of self.

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